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Wei Li

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Work Experience

• I am a senior research scientist at Facebook Seattle from 2019

• I was a senior software engineer at Google Research and YouTube since 2013

• My research focused on video understanding and video synthesis to keep YouTube free and enjoyable


• M.Phil from CUHK supervised by Professor Xiaogang Wang

• RA at MMlab and worked closely with Professor Xiaoou Tang

• B.Eng from Tsinghua University, Yao Class, Thesis supervsied by Professor Changshui Zhang


Publications with my awesome coauthors

• Program Chair for Webvision Workshop at CVPR 2017, 2018

• Program Comittee for Task-CV workshop at ECCV2016

• Reviewer for TIP, TCSVT, IJCV, CVPR2018, ECCV2018, CVPR2017, ICCV2017 etc

Computer Skills

• I am an early and core contributor of Scikit-Learn

• I contribute to Chromium which is the opensourced Google Chrome

• Some other codes I contributed